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As it were a hidden vacation temple, with the mountain at the back and sea in front... It is so hidden into the mother nature’s bosom that you can not pass just so.... Have to be a bird and fly to reach there, or to be a fish and swim...

Yes, our hotel has no road. But we take you from the Bozburun Harbour with our own watercrats with pleasure and make you start to live the first moments of the paradise on one of the few beautiful seas of the world.

The charming shore you steped in and also the cyristal sea that you swim like caressing and eat just above that from now on is yours... You are in a special facility that you will feel like yours and in mother nature’s caring arms. This unforgettable vacation is your choice...

Our hotel has been built in 2012 and all neccesaries for your comfort and satisfaction has been considered in every detail. In the day-time sun and sea, at night star and seasparkle are our regular guests. You can hear the actual silence and saturate the most beautiful sounds of nature here. Privacy, comfort, pleasure and delight, it is all for you.

All of our rooms are suite and has island and sea view and each has been furnished different and more comfortable than the others and with materials compatible with nature. The flavours are flooding out of our restaurant with wide range of fresh Aegean fishes and plants and options that can cater for all tastes. With its unique view our terace bar which will accompany to the color of the night with its quality service, is ready to serve with the jocund and trained staff as they take their job as a hobby and perform it with pleasure.

In the day-time sun and sea, at night star and sea sparkle are our regular guests.